Laura Banducci (Carleton University), Marcello Mogetta (University of Missouri), Rachel Opitz (University of Arkansas)

Capturing the life-cycle of pottery from the Capitoline Museums

Dr. Laura Banducci (Carleton), prepared with with Dr. Marcello Mogetta (University of Missouri) and Dr. Rachel Opitz (University of Arkansas)

We examine 250 black gloss vessels excavated in Rome between 1870 and the Fascist period, which have never-before been studied. Though these artefacts have no recorded findspot, they likely come from tomb and sanctuary contexts throughout the city, providing an unprecedented opportunity for the detailed examination of a large number of vessels from such locales. We study the use wear of these vessels using high-resolution imaging (RTI) and 3D laser scanning. How can better information about these vessels’ use contribute to our understanding of the purchasing and deposition of artefacts in the Roman world and the Roman economy in general? Were sanctuary offerings purchased for dedication, or were they previously used at home? We also collaborate with colleagues in computing and virtual reality to produce museum-quality digital displays of this material.