Cathrine Bublatzky (Heidelberg University)

Digital research platforms in Visual and Media Anthropology

Cathrine Bublatzky

Revising existing formats of the visual essay in Anthropological writing and developing new methodological approaches, the study and representation of ethnographic multi-media and text-based material on digital platforms provide new synergies but also challenges for students and scholars working at the nexus between Anthropology and the field of Digital Humanities. According to a new teaching format applying the annotation of images and videos, non-linear narrations and interlinks between diverse materials and data, this paper will critically discuss research and writing experiences with scientific image-databases and digital platforms. The result of this technique-based methodology is a visual essay format consistent of various narrations that the reader can chose individually. These different ways of elaborating multiple ethnographic material and liberating from a linear narration, allow the ethnographer to hand over some authority to the reader, but provide also intense insights into the particular subject of study.