Ian Longo (Queen’s University)

Building a Virtual Lapidarium

Ian Longo (Queen’s)

There is an increasing need for 3D recording of archaeological sites and digital preservation of their artifacts. Digital photogrammetry with prosumer DSLR cameras is a suitable tool for recording epigraphy in particular, as it allows for the recording of inscribed surface with very high accuracy, often better than 2 mm and with only a short time spent in the field. When photogrammetry is fused with other computational photography techniques like panoramas, panoramic tours and Reflectance Transformation Imaging, a workflow exists to rival traditional LiDAR-based methods. The difficulty, however arises in the presentation of 3D data. It requires an enormous amount of storage and end-user sophistication. The proposed solution is to use game engine technology and high definition virtual tours to provide not only scholars, but also the general public with an uncomplicated interface to interact with the detailed 3D epigraphic data.