Program & Presentations

Digitial Humanities Workshop Carleton University

Friday, May 13—Paterson Hall 303 

7:00 pm Keynote by Richard C. Beacham (King’s College London): Architectural, Pictorial, and Virtual Environments:Making Space for the Oculus Mentis of Ancient Theatre.

Saturday, May 14—4110 Human Computer Interaction Building

9:30 David Beynon (Deakin University, AU): Image-Based Analysis Methods and the Reassembly of Fragments from Myanmar and Thailand

10:00 Sambit Datta (Curtin University, AU): The Use of Spacial Information Technologies to Establish Ancient Links Between Temple Construction Traditions in Indian and Southeast Asia

10:30 Abhishek Amar (Hamilton College): Archiving Hindu Gaya: Temples, Shrines and Images of a Sacred Center in India

11:15 Dana Zimmerman (Microsoft): All the World’s A Stage

11:45 Ellen Sebring (MIT): Of Time and Image: Historiography in a Visual Data Field

1:15 Terry Clark (Canadian Museum of History): Looking into the Eyes of the Ancient Shíshálh Chiefs: Using Modern Technology to Bring the Past to Life

1:45 Don Undeen (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY): Innovative Uses of Creative Technology in the Museum Environment

2:15 Stephen Fai (Carleton): Design and Development of Digital Workflows for Heritage Conservation

3:00 Shawn Graham (Carleton): Blurring the Digital & the Physical in Digital Archaeology

3:30 Laura Banducci (Carleton), Marcello Mogetta (University of Missouri), Rachel Opitz (University of Arkansas): Capturing the Life-Cycle of Pottery from the Capitoline Museums

4:00 Ryan Horne (UNC-Chapel Hill): The Big Ancient Mediterranean

4:30 Ian Longo (Queen’s) Building a Virtual Lapidarium

Sunday, May 15—4110 Human Computer Interaction Building

9:00 Charlotte Roueché (King’s College London): What are My Data? Authorship in a Digital Age

9:30 Dr. Heidi Bohaker (University of Toronto), Lisa Truong (Cultural Mediations/Visual Culture, Carleton), Dr. Kate Higginson (Research Coordinator Great Lakes Alliance for the Study of Aboriginal Arts & Cultures), Dr. Ruth Phillips (Canada Research Chair in Modern Culture, Professor of Art History, Carleton): Property Rights and the Challenge of Collaboration in a Digital World: Questions Raised by the Knowledge Sharing Database of the Great Lakes Research

10:00 Brian Greenspan (Carleton): Private Interests, Virtual Collectivity, and Digital Humanities

10:45 Peter Coffman (Carleton): The Digital Lecture in Art History

11:15 Cathrine Bublatzky (Heidelberg): Digital Research Platforms in Visual and Media Anthropology

11:45 Richard C. Beacham (King’s College London): Virtual Aspirations: ‘To Arrive Where We Started and Know the Place for the First Time’