Charlotte Roueché (King’s College London)

What are My Data? Authorship in a Digital Age

Charlotte Roueché (King’s College, London)

Charlotte Roueché has been involved in digital humanities, and online publishing, for a couple of decades. More recently, she has been chairing a Working Group on Research Data Management at King’s College London, working to encourage colleagues to engage with national and international Open Research policies; she will present some of the issues which this has raised.  It has become clear that the challenge is to take this beyond a simple exercise in compliance, and to engage hearts and minds; and this in turn requires a radical reconsideration of the role and rights of the author/researcher. What should institutions do? What advice should we be giving to young people as they embark on an academic track? How receptive will senior academics be to innovative approaches? What does it mean to talk about ‘my data’?