Don Undeen (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY)

Innovative Uses of Creative Technology In the Museum Environment

Don Undeen, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The development of “Maker Culture” coupled with accessible creative technology tools provides for increased opportunities to connect museum visitors, artists, and designers with a museum’s collection, expertise, and physical space. Starting in 2012 the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Media Lab began exploring various ways the museum experience can be reimagined and enhanced through cutting edge technologies. The emphasis was visitor accessibility, inexpensive hardware, and easy to learn software.

The MediaLab was able to develop prototypes that worked with virtual reality, augmented reality, WiFi hacking, Bluetooth, physical computing, brain scanning, projection mapping, 3D scanning, modeling, printing and animation. This paper serves as an overview of several MediaLab projects. It identifies useful tools and processes, as well as lessons learned through the creation of a startuplike innovation culture within the confines of a large traditional museum.